Monday, August 20, 2007

Richard Bona - Lord of the Basses (and the other instruments too)

Born in October 28, 1967 in Cameroon.Guitarist, composer and vocalist.He played ith Larry Coryell, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and lots more. He released first album on 99 with the name " Scenes from my life" and he played almost all the instruments. His third album "Reverence" was as good as the first one and in 2003 he recorded "World of Mourh Revisted" with Jaco Pastorius Band. He is the most popular bassist of the late times and coming second after Marcus Miller.

I first saw him on "Imaginary Day" concert DVD of Pat Metheny and wondered who the hell he is, after digging and researches I've owned all four albums. Very nice to know that kind of musician, he is fantastic.

Says Bona, "I wanted to show that there has been some growth between the first and second recordings. I think on the first one I barely had time to put things together. We went into the studio for three days and did it quickly. But I took some more time with this one. I just wanted to write some nice melodies and to organize it a little better than the first one. And I also wanted to bring all these great musicians together. To be able to pull that off, with their busy schedules, was a real challenge."

Released Albums:
Tiki - 2005
Munia - 2003
Reverence - 2001
Kaze ga Kureta Melody - 2000
Scenes from my life - 1999

Here is the video of Richard Bona with Bobby Mcferrin - Dina Lam