Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pat Metheny on Kenny G

Pat, could you tell us your opinion about Kenny G - it appears you were quoted as being less than enthusiastic about him and his music. I would say that most of the serious music listeners in the world would not find your opinion surprising or unlikely - but you were vocal about it for the first time. You are generally supportive of other musicians it seems.

Pat's Answer:
Kenny G is not a musician I really had much of an opinion about at all until recently. There was not much about the way he played that interested me one way or the other either live or on records.
I first heard him a number of years ago playing as a sideman with Jeff Lorber when they opened a concert for my band. My impression was that he was someone who had spent a fair amount of time listening to the more pop oriented sax players of that time, like Grover Washington or David Sanborn, but was not really an advanced player, even in that style. He had major rhythmic problems and his harmonic and melodic vocabulary was extremely limited, mostly to pentatonic based and blues-lick derived patterns, and he basically exhibited only a rudimentary understanding of how to function as a professional soloist in an ensemble - Lorber was basically playing him off the bandstand in terms of actual music...

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The Police

The band Police is founded on 1977 by Gordon Sumner(Sting) after he realize the only love of his life was music rather than being a teacher. At the beginning they planned to create a sound which is full of guitar solos and simple like the guitar is not the front end of their music, short, melodic opposite to power trio's.

Their first hit was "Roxanne" but also "So Lonely" and "Message in the Bottle"(which I'm listening in the background right now) has become popular, three hits on the first album is not so bad ! Most of the compositions and lyrics are created by Sting with a different usage of English (instead of ring he uses "wrapped around my finger")

Sting started to search a new and rich sound with the album "Ghost Machine". Keyboards, grift armonies, kind of jazz, more progressive and the result is collected on the album "Dream of the Blue Turtles".

They've created more refined, more jazz and sofisticated sound with Omar Hakim on drums, Branford Marsalis on Saxophone. Jazz on "Moon over Bourbon Street",classical ambience on "The Russians", funk sound of "If you love somebody, set them free" and new age sound on " We work the black seam together" was so nice.

Anyway The police was the most important Brit band that ever...

1978, Outlandos d'Amour
1979, Reggatta De Blanc
1980, Zenyatta Mondatta
1981, Ghost In The Machine
1983, Synchronicity
1986, Every Breath You Take (The Singles)

Video : Walking on the Moon