Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tom Waits - Makes you full of bourbon

Thomas Alan Waits was born in Pomona, California, on 7 December 1949.A great poet, sound of lonliness, an old friend for all times., a singer who has drunk lots of whiskies with packs of cigarettes and cigars to have a voice like that. As he release his last album 'Orphans' whish is 3 album in 1, I adore him more. People who love Bukowski also love Tom Waits, actually in my imaginary TomWaits is Bukowski's main character Henry Chinaski.
Tom Waits
"Inside a broken clock, splashing the wine with all the rain dogs
Taxi, we'd rather walk, huddle a doorway with the rain dogs
For I am a rain dog too

Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night
For it was all ripe for dreaming
Oh, how we danced away all of the lights
We've always been out of our minds
The rum pours strong and thin, beat out the dustman with the rain dogs
Aboard a shipwreck train, give my umbrella to the rain dogs
For I am a rain dog too"

Rain Dogs, 1985


1973 Closing Time
1974 The Heart of Saturday Night
1975 Nighthawks at the Diner
1976 Small Change
1977 Foreign Affairs
1978 Blue Valentine
1980 Heartattack and Vine
1982 One from the Heart
1983 Swordfishtrombones
1985 Rain Dogs
1987 Franks Wild Years
1988 Big Time Live CD
1992 Night on Earth Soundtrack, Bone Machine
1993 The Black Rider
1999 Mule Variations
2002 Blood Money , Alice
2004 Real Gone
2006 Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards

Tom Waits - God's Away on Business

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Scandinavian Candy - Beady Belle

Beady Belle is a Norvegian based acid jazz band which is founded by Beate S. Lech and Marius Reksj√ł. They begun while they were at the University of Oslo. This is my tought but Beady means nothing to me until Bugge Wesseltoft joined to the band., she has a style and giving the spirit to Beady Belle (reflecting her beauty to her voice).The first album that I have listened was "Ghosts" at the first sight it doesn't look like you are listening jazz mostly an underground music with synthesizer, basses etc. but when you go deep inside you can easily feel the jazz spirit inside of their musics.

I couldn't beleive when I heard they were recording their albums in Bugges house (6metersquares :)) with strings, vibraphone and drums. Anyway I love Scandanavian music, I love Beady Belle and respect what they have done. I would like to share more Norvegian music later.

Here is the official site of Beady Belle :

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Portishead - Good Times, Bad Times, Sour Times

A British trip hop band Portishead founded in '91 by Geoff Barrow and Beth Gibbons. Barrow is former member of the band Massive Attack.Beth Gibbons sound is very impressive , she has a solo album with Rustin' Man(Paul Webb) which I love the best. The sound of Dummy album which relased on 1991 (first album) is unforgettable, I don't know how many times I cried while listening "Roads" track, it's dark and dismal but amazing. I recommend you to watch their concert with Newyork Symphonic Orchestra. Why did they stop making music together, this is the worst decision that ever made. Whatever expecting them to be together.

Portishead Official Website :

Video : From Dummy album / Roads

Morcheeba , We've got the antidote here

Morcheeba is an English band that I love too much. I founded them from one of my friends archive and it was their Antidote album. I couldn't realize at first what kind of music is this, trip hop? yes, rock? kinda, pop? yes some. Then I've started to collect all the albums that they have produced. Here is the a song named Trigger Hippie for you to listen from the album "Parts of the process".

"The most groove-oriented act in the mid-'90s female-fronted electronica crowd, Morcheeba relies on the sweet, fluid vocals of Skye Edwards and a laid-back mix of fusion, funk, and blues produced by brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey, on beats/scratches and guitar/keyboards, respectively. The trio was formed in 1995 when the Godfreys decided to go out on their own after co-producing six tracks for David Byrne's album Feelings. They submitted several tapes of their instrumental demos to labels around London, but received little interest in return"
Quoted Passage :

Official website :

Video : Everybody Loves a Loser

Technorati Helps Music

My new wonder Technorati While I was reading some blogs, I always see "Technorati" banner. At the end I click it . This web site is for bloogers, especially like me I always forget bloggers web site addresses, then I try to find them. But now I can create a favorite link in the Technorati and I can find them very easly.
Technorati Profile
If you wan to add this web site to your favorites, just click on the link.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Guitar of Pat Metheny - Pikasso 42 Strings Guitar

Here is the guitar of Pat Metheny, his! name is Pikasso, it's a custom made 42 strings guitar and designed by Linda Manzer. At the first time I saw that guitar, it looked like an alien object popped out from a space movie, but when I saw what Pat did with it I was very surprised. At the imaginary day concert I saw it live. As I search about that guitar I saw Manzer made lots of guitar to Pat.

I heard its voice on the album of Metheny Mehldau Quartet (which I'm going to write about that). You can find the custom designs of Manzer from their website. Wanna play all of them.

Here is the short video of Pat Metheny playing Pikasso