Thursday, January 24, 2008

Larry Carlton

Larry Carlton (born 2 March 1948) is an American jazz, pop, and rock guitarist, dividing his recording time between solo recordings and session appearances with more popular bands. Over his career Carlton has won three Grammys for his performances and compositions, including the theme music for the hit television series, Hill Street Blues (1981). He is also the uncle of singer, songwriter Vanessa Carlton.

Carlton started learning to play guitar when he was six years old, studying under Slim Edwards near his Torrance, CA home. Taking an interest in jazz whilst at high school, his playing style was most influenced by guitarists Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Barney Kessel, and B.B. King. Saxophonist John Coltrane has also made a notable impression on Carlton, and Carlton's live albums have featured cuts from Miles Davis's hallmark Kind of Blue. He is married to Contemporary Christian music artist Michele Pillar.

Gibson produces a signature Larry Carlton model based on Carlton's own 1968 Gibson ES-335, hence his nickname: Mr. 335. His other guitars include an iconic 1951 blackguard Fender Telecaster. He's also played the Gibson Les Paul. Today, Carlton plays Dumble Amplifiers. During the 1970's he often used an MXR Distortion+, MXR DynaComp compressor, Echoplex tape delay, and a Fender Princeton Reverb Amplifier. Carlton also played Valley Arts Guitars for many years; in the early 1990s Valley Arts produced a signed and limited-edition Larry Carlton guitar, a solid-body instrument that was something of a hybrid between a Les Paul and Fender Telecaster. Valley Arts is now part of the Gibson family.

- With A Little Help 1968 Uni
- Singing / Playing 1973 Blue Thumb
- Larry Carlton 1978 Warner Bros. Records
- MR.335 Live In Japan (Japan Only) 1977
- Strikes Twice 1980 Warner Bros. Records
- Sleepwalk 1982 Warner Bros. Records
- Eight Times Up 1982 Warner Bros. Records
- Friends 1983 MCA
- Alone / But Never Alone 1985 MCA
- Last Nite 1986 MCA
- Discovery 1987 MCA
- On Solid Ground 1989 MCA
- Christmas At My House 1989 MCA
- Collection 1990 GRP
- The Best Of Mr.335 1992 Warner Bros. Records
- Kid Gloves 1992 GRP
- Renegade Gentleman GRP 1993
- Larry & Lee 1995 GRP
- The Gift 1996 GRP
- Collection Vol.2 1997 GRP
- Fingerprints 2000 Warner Bros. Records
- No Substitutions 2001 Favored Nations
- Deep Into It 2001 Warner Bros. Records
- Sapphire Blue 2003 JVC Music
- The Very Best of Larry Carlton 2005 GRP
- Firewire 2005 Bluebird

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